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04/18/2013| 1 comment
by Neil Browne
Pro cyclists blame crashes on “nerves” as they are constantly fighting to move to the front of the pro peloton. I think part of the reason is positioning on the bike Fotoreporter Sirotti

Extreme Positioning

Slammed and stretched out - Is that why we see so many crashes?

this year. Some will be caused by the “normal” occurrences – riders trying to push their way through a gap that doesn’t exist, a quick swerve in a field sprint, a water bottle bouncing along the road. However, I think most of these could be avoided with bike fits that are not so extreme and not dictated by the current fad of elongated positioning.

If this sounds like the rant of a master category racer who yells at kids to get off his yard – well it is.

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jackcav's picture

I think one contributing factor may be the bubble wrap society kids have grown up in the last few decades. Most of us in our 50s age category did our early races in skid lids and knew we were lunch meat if we went down the wrong way. The preponderance of bad crashes seemed to happen once hard helmets were mandatory. Like in ice hockey before there were mandatory helmet rules players played with a level of respect to the fact they were all unprotected. Somehow it felt more safe riding sans brain bucket on a hot day doing a fast cat 1/2 crit in 1978 than doing a masters race today even though we are seasoned vets. The "new guys" who came up in the 90s seem to cause all the crashes with risky moves not respecting the apex and not holding their line. Maybe its a combination, we did our race training with men who never doffed a lid and maybe we are simply better because of it.