Drop the Weight, Not the Power

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11/5/2004| 0 comments
by Chris Carmichael with Jim Rutberg

Drop the Weight, Not the Power

Give your body more furnaces to aerobically burn calories.

one of the main tenets of the Carmichael Nutrition Program, and serves two purposes. First, it ensures that you?re getting enough of the right fuels to meet the demands of your training. Second, matching your nutrition to your training demands eliminates periods of the year when energy intake and expenditure are seriously mismatched. As a result, you minimize the weight fluctuations many athletes experience during the year.


Putting It All Together

So, having put aside the caloric restriction in favor of training and eating to support your workouts for 4-8 weeks, you?ve most likely made the training adaptations that increased your sustainable power and produced more and bigger mitochondria. In essence, you?ve given your body more furnaces to aerobically burn calories. Now, a combination of training and a slight reduction in daily caloric intake, about 350-500 calories lower than you have been eating, should get you the rest of the way to your fitness and bodyweight goals.


While the exact training and nutrition manipulations that will work best for you are highly individual, the concepts they?re based on are more universal. The types and amounts of food you eat affect your ability to train at your best and to maintain or change your body weight. Losing weight and gaining power can be contradictory goals because it takes more food to achieve fitness and less food to achieve weight loss. However, with a little patience and focus on improving your fitness, the achievement of one goal enables you to reach the other.


Chris Carmichael is Lance Armstrong?s personal coach. Jim Rutberg is a pro-level coach with Carmichael Training Systems (CTS) and the co-author, with Chris Carmichael and Kathy Zawadzki, of the NY Times Bestseller, ?Chris Carmichael?s Food For Fitness: Eat Right to Train Right ?. To find out what CTS can do for you, please visit http://www.pepesearch.com/cgi-bin/adclick.cgi?manager=adcycle.com&gid=3&cid=48&mid=153&id=302.


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