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05/20/2005| 0 comments
by Thomas Valentinsen

Discovery Channel Team Report

Popovych takes lead at Tour of Catalunya.

while being part of a team that has shown great confidence in him.  For him, it?s more than just the result.  I think he will take away a feeling after this performance, as will Paolo in Italy, that they are very much a part of this team."


How will Popovych?s overall lead and Savoldelli?s win in the Giro affect the team ? not least in the Tour de France? Voice your opinion in our new forums section !

Tour Of Catalunya ? Stage 4 results:

1.  Leonardo Piepoli, Saunier Duval        06:22:09

2.  Yaroslav Popovych, Discovery Channel; s.t.
3.  Aitor Osa, Illes Balears; s.t.
4.  Michael Rogers, Quickstep; at :34
5.  Pierrick Fedrigo, Bouygues Telecom; at :47
20. Benjamin Noval, Discovery Channel; at
42. Jurgen Van den Broeck, Discovery Channel; at
81. Stijn Devolder, Discovery Channel; at
124. Max van Heeswijk, Discovery Channel; at
128. Fumiyuki Beppu, Discovery Channel; s.t.
131. Roger Hammond, Discovery Channel; s.t.

Overall rankings after stage 4:

1.  Popovych        15:08:31
2.  Osa; at :11
3.  Miguel Perdiguero, Phonak; at :45
4.  Piepoli; s.t.
Santiago Botero, Phonak; at :54
14. Noval; at

39. Van den Broeck; at 4:03

79. Devolder; at 13:54
112. Hammond; at 22:06
162. van Heeswijk; at 24:29
168. Beppu; at 26:10


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