The Death of a Professional Cyclist

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10/16/2012| 1 comment
by Neil Browne
Lance Armstrong Fotoreporter Sirotti

The Death of a Professional Cyclist

Showing character doesn't mean you are perfect.

admitting ones mistake? Having the fortitude to not do it in the first place.” David Zabriskie replied, “Show me the perfect human.”

What Zabriskie fails to realize is that while none of us expects the other to be without fault, we do expect people to show some character when the chips are down. That's not being perfect - that's just being a (I had written something different earlier, but I'm going to quote Adam Myerson instead) “courageous” person. That said, some riders did make the right choice and I hope Zabriskie knows the cost that befell them for it - lost jobs and income. And no, these people weren't "perfect."

Having a high VO2 is something only a small percentage of the population has. Having the courage to do the right thing is in all of us. It doesn't require human growth hormone or revitalized red blood cells. It requires knowing what you stand for.

I'm not trying to take the moral high ground myself, but I think if these riders gave back to the sport in some capacity it would be a huge step forward. Perhaps taking some of the earnings from the “dark period” and help fund a development team? I'm sure there are people out there way more creative than I who could think of possible ideas of how to right this listing vessel called professional cycling. Share your thoughts and ideas here.


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Vindictive yes, in just about every story Neil writes you can sense it.