Dave's Dogmatic Tour de France Dribbles

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07/16/2003| 0 comments
by Dave Osborne

Dave's Dogmatic Tour de France Dribbles

Prologue - Stage 10

out. He was just being a nice guy and it never hurts to suck up to the next 5 time winner of the Tour.


Stage 7

Virenque was allowed to have his last hurrah when the peloton let him go. Aldag should get some credit for hanging in there. Speaking of credit,
must be packing some huge testosterone glands to not only keep riding, but also staying in contention. They should make a jersey for the guy with the biggest glands. Simoni cracks and Petacchi quits after a few km up the first hill. The commentators where right, he IS the next Cipo!


Stage 8

?Hill? is a four letter word to me and these guys are racing up stuff that I get nosebleeds from when I?m riding in a car! Armstrong is attacked, attacked, attacked! Did I say Armstrong was attacked? Armstrong puts on the yellow but shows he is human. Congrats to Mayo (riding a superior Orbea bicycle) for his win on L? Alpe d Huez. Beloki and Mayo now make it interesting. Jan loses time and Virenque no longer matters.
is amazing!


Stage 9

Nobody likes to see anyone get hurt. If you saw the crash that Beloki had, there was no doubt it was a bad one. He only had 6 km to go after riding an aggressive stage when he went down hard. Vinokourov deserves credit for his win but he won?t be remembered for Stage 9. After the crash, the second highlite was the cyclocross portion of the tour this year that Lance took. Armstrong is still in yellow, but a serious contender is now out of the Tour. A speedy and successful recovery is wished for Joseba Beloki.


Stage 10

I?m still shaky from stage 9. So much happened that changed the potential outcome of the Tour. I?m happy for Roadcycling.com?s manager, Thomas, as a team member from his country of
won the stage. Congrats to Jakob Piil of CSC from
. Wow, a 21 minute win over the field. I?m happy for ya Thomas! (Never hurts to suck up to the boss). The big time gap didn?t have much of an effect on the contenders as Lance remains in the maillot jaune. It was a pretty quiet stage.


Now for a rest day. Whew, I needed that. Probably a good thing for the riders too!


Since I don?t know any better, I?m posting my predictions now. Lance is first, Mayo is second, and
takes third. I?m not responsible for anyone losing money by betting on my predictions!


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