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07/22/2003| 0 comments
by Dave Osborne
Flecha takes the win.
Flecha takes the win.

Dave's Dogmatic Dribbles

Tour de France: Stage 11 - stage 15.

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Jens Voight gave it all he had but the heat and/or flu forced him to the sidelines. His Credit Agricole teammate waited to help him and ended up missing the cut off time. Ooops! Steinhauser from Bianchi and Wilson from FDJeux.com are gone. The best news of the day was a rookie Juan Flecha winning the stage. About 8 riders went on a break, including big guns O?Grady and McEwen. It looked like a bunch of brothers fighting over something stupid, as there was no flow to the break. Flecha coasted in. By the looks of his sprint, I think he?s the next Petacchi! Unfortunately, Flecha probably will not do so well in his TT. Seems that his girlfriend lives in the finishing town of
?hehe, lucky guy!

Stage 12

Since the break was so pathetically organized yesterday, LeBlanc made everyone ride alone today. They all wore funny helmets with no vent holes. Probably to keep bird excrements out of their hair! Also looks like Jan rode with his helmet on during a hail storm. I love the way Phil says Bianchi so I?m glad Ullrich won so I could hear him say it. What?s with Armstrong saying the heat may have affected him? He?s from
for crying out loud! He still wears yellow though. What did I tell ya about Flecha?? 157 th out of 166, hope it was worth it!


Stage 13

Sorry Tyler, but I think the big balls jersey now goes to Ullrich. The guy has no team, has to fetch his own water, and still cranks up the mountain in front of Lance! CSC still makes a show of it by having team member Sastre win the stage signaling love for his daughter by crossing the line with a baby pacifier in his mouth. Lance says he lost 15 pounds yesterday from dehydration, WOW! Somebody give him some beer! He lost 19 seconds to the green machine but they gained time on everyone else. Since Phil and Paul didn?t say it, I will. ?Ullrich might be the next Cipo? er, I mean the next Armstrong!? I must be getting dehydrated, time for a beer!


Stage 14

Simoni looks to be back in form after being the first to cross the finish of another tough, hot stage. Vinokourov was the real winner though. He hacked off 43 seconds and remains 3 rd in GC. Lance keeps the yellow and says he?s not worried about Vino. That?s good enough for me as Vino isn?t able to match Lance or Jan in the TT. Mayo gained back 43 seconds and poor
is suffering and lost . Lance wants Team Bianchi to take some responsibility and show their stuff. HEY LANCE, it?s a one-man team and he?s right behind ya!


Stage 15

Oh my God! I thought I already decided which stage was the most exciting, but NOT! Jan kept the pressure on but the cool hand Lance didn?t


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