Dave's Dogmatic Double Dribbles

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07/3/2005| 0 comments
by Dave Osborne
Dave Zabriskie - With a name like Dave, you knew he has some special abilities! Photo copyright Fotoreporter Sirotti.
Dave Zabriskie - With a name like Dave, you knew he has some special abilities! Photo copyright Fotoreporter Sirotti.

Dave's Dogmatic Double Dribbles

Tour de France - Stage 1 + 2.

I have an excuse for not submitting my dribbles report yesterday. I was in beautiful Park City, Utah officiating the final day of the Master?s National Championships. Let me tell you many of us were straining to hear the results of Stage 1 of the Tour de France.



As you may know, Zabriskie is from Salt Lake City, just down the canyon from Park City. There was a confident feeling from many fans and riders that he would win the stage. With a name like Dave, you knew he has some special abilities! When it was learned David had won, it added to the festivities of the race in Park City. I guess if I couldn?t be in France, this was the next best place. Lance teased the world again with his second place finish.


I was greatly surprised by Ullrich. No, not that he was shredded by Lance and others. The surprise was he decided to choke so soon in the tour. Maybe he has a new strategy to lead everyone to believe that he?s not a contender. Works for me!


I guess this stage just proves what I said earlier in the Roadcycling.com forums when I said Americans are better racers. Here are a few stimulating numbers: 3 in the top 5; 4 in the top 6; 5 in the top 11; and 6 in the top 14. I wonder, Americans 1st and 2nd on day one?1st and 2nd in GC on July 24th?!?


Check out the interview that Roadcycling.com did with David in January 2005 and my accurate statement about Americans in the forums section at these links:




Stage 2 seemed to be the typical doesn?t really matter stage. Will so and so keep the yellow? Will the contenders make it to the end safely? The answer is yes.


Lance gets to wear green by default and Zabriskie keeps yellow for a second day after rolling in with the same time as sprint winner Boonen. By the way, what ever became of the guy who was being labeled by the announcers as the next Cipollini? Hmmm, where is Petacchi?



Kirsipuu was the most notable figure involved in a crash. There were a couple other accidents but all riders returned.


A group of four obtained a maximum advantage of 4:20 before being gobbled up by the big fish we call the peloton. One of the four may ring a bell. Remember Voeckler? He?s the French guy who went down fighting with the yellow jersey last year. Now look, he?s wearing polka dots! Richard would be proud!


Tomorrow?s stage is quite long. The sprinters will be a bit more tired and Voeckler will probably battle for the KOM?s. I doubt there will be any significant changes.


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