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12/28/2002| 0 comments
by Thomas Valentinsen

CSC Team Presentation

Thomas Valentinsen Reports from Denmark

yellow jersey via a great performance in this stage. The team plans to take advantage of new equipment in the Tour not seen before.


The team has not yet decided if it will participate in the Vuelta or the Giro. According to Riis, this depends on whether Tyler decides to aim for great success in the Giro or the Tour. Laurent Jalabert, who ended his career after the 2002 season, highlighted riders Carlos Sastre and Tyler Hamilton and told the audience that good teamwork is the key to good results. Jalabert believes that the current team roster allows for the team to attack on two fronts: In the classics and in the grand tours.


Riis thanked Jalabert for helping point the team in the right direction. He also said that it is a must for a team to have a strong leader who is responsible and dedicated and leads the way for his fellow teammates.

Using survival trips, the team is working on making Tyler Hamilton as strong a leader as Jaja was. But a strong leader is not sufficient for making CSC a winning team. Riis said that the team is nothing without teamwork. He believes in his team 100% and is looking forward to the new season with great expectations.


In regards to the status of the possible deal with Ullrich, Riis told the audience that he has been working on signing with him for 6 months now. He is still lacking necessary funding coming form an additional sponsor. Curious spectators will have noticed that the team clothing did not feature any company logo on the rider bibs ? a possible ad spot for an additional sponsor? Riis is no longer focusing on signing an additional sponsor as much as he did at earlier points in time. He hasn?t given up however. Riis jokingly said that it?s up to Ullrich and that he?s very welcome on the team.


Whether Ullrich will join the team is still uncertain. But one thing is certain: With it?s new equipment sponsors Cervelo Bikes and Zipp Wheels the team is more ready than ever to attack riders such as Bettini, Cipollini and Armstrong on the roads of Europe.


Stay tuned to in the New Year to see if Team CSC will be as successful as they were in 2002.


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