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09/11/2004| 0 comments
by Dave Osborne
Clif Bars.
Clif Bars.

Clif Bar Review

Dave Osborne reviews energy products from Clif Bar.

Reviewing things to eat comes natural to me. Reviewing things to eat that are good for you is even better. Thanks To Clif Bar Inc., I had that opportunity. <?xml:namespace prefix = o /?>


All you have to do is open a package and take a bite to realize Clif Bars actually smell and taste like the flavor on the package! Not only that, the texture of the bar is like eating something your grandma made. It only gets better when you learn 70% of the ingredients are organic. Their high quality ingredients are obviously reflected in the great taste. My favorite, Cranberry Apple Cherry, actually has real cranberries, apples, and cherries in it! This sure beats eating something that looks like a sawdust bar. Overall, flavors are subjective so I?ll leave the ?best tasting? award to your own taste buds.


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Now for the technical stuff. Clif Bars provide carbs, protein, fiber, vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals. What they don?t have is high fat content and processed sugar. This means sustained energy to the muscles for about two hours without bonking. Eat a Clif Bar one to three hours before exercise and you?ll be good to go.


Don?t be worried about sustaining energy during long rides or workouts. A complimentary boost to the Clif Bar is Clif Shot. These energy gels are convenient. The packets are manufactured in a way so the tear off portion remains attached so you don?t have to worry about littering. As a race official, I can tell you that promoters are more and more concerned about littering during a bike race. So, don?t worry about using two or three packets of Clif Shot every hour during your race or training ride. Another great thing about Clif Shot is that it also helps in recovery. You can?t go wrong with its use. If you need the caffeine rush, try Mocha Mocha or Sonic Strawberry that has as much caffeine as a can of cola. As with Clif Bars, Clif Shot is all natural and is very tasty.


I have been a consumer of Clif Shot and Clif Bars long before this product test came about. It was a no brainer for me to say they work and taste great. I eat my bar at the end of the work day before heading to my two hour racquetball time and never get hungry. I feel sustained and energized. After the workout, I down a packet of Clif Shot as a recovery aid and don?t even feel like I need an evening meal when I get home.


With Clif Bar Inc around, you don?t have to force yourself to eat something you don?t like in order to get great taste, needed energy, and nutritional value.   Their company description says it all, ?A leading maker of great-tasting energy and nutrition foods.?

Thanks to former baker Gary Erickson who went on a bike ride back in 1990 and realized the need for something that tasted good and was good for you. The rest is history.

Better yet, Clif Bar Inc. is


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