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06/8/2003| 0 comments
by Thomas Valentinsen

Classique des Alpes Results

iBanesto is ready for the Tour.

Vaugrenard (Fra) FDJeux.com
DNF Gonzalo Bayarri (Spa) Phonak Hearing Systems
DNF Roger Beuchat (Swi) Phonak Hearing Systems
DNF Iker Camano (Spa) Phonak Hearing Systems
DNF Fabrice Gougot (Fra) Phonak Hearing Systems
DNF Miguel Martinez (Fra) Phonak Hearing Systems
DNF Pierrick Fedrigo (Fra) Cr?dit Agricole
DNF C?dric Herve (Fra) Cr?dit Agricole
DNF Mads Kaggestad (Nor) Cr?dit Agricole
DNF Christophe Le Mevel (Fra) Cr?dit Agricole
DNF Eric Leblacher (Fra) Cr?dit Agricole
DNF J?r?me Bernard (Fra) Jean Delatour
DNF Christophe Laurent (Fra) Jean Delatour
DNF Patrick D'hont (Bel) Marlux-Wincor Nixdorf
DNF Steven De Neef (Bel) Marlux-Wincor Nixdorf
DNF Geoffrey Coupe (Bel) Marlux-Wincor Nixdorf
DNF Guillaume Girout (Fra) Marlux-Wincor Nixdorf
DNF S?bastien Mattozza (Bel) Marlux-Wincor Nixdorf
DNF Christian Poos (Lux) Marlux-Wincor Nixdorf
DNF Ludovic Auger (Fra) Big Mat-Auber 93
DNF Lo?c Lamouller (Fra) Big Mat-Auber 93
DNF Guillaume Auger (Fra) Big Mat-Auber 93
DNF Alexei Sivakov (Rus) Big Mat-Auber 93
DNF Plamen Stoyanov (Bul) Big Mat-Auber 93
DNF Yannick Talabardon (Fra) Big Mat-Auber 93
DNF Laurent Paumier (Fra) MBK-Oktos-Saint-Quentin
DNF Fr?d?ric Gabriel (Fra) MBK-Oktos-Saint-Quentin
DNF Yoann Le Boulanger (Fra) MBK-Oktos-Saint-Quentin
DNF Christophe Rinero (Fra) MBK-Oktos-Saint-Quentin
DNF Vincent Templier (Fra) MBK-Oktos-Saint-Quentin


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