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07/8/2003| 0 comments
by Thomas Valentinsen
Lance Armstrong and Chris Carmichael at the Tour de France.
Lance Armstrong and Chris Carmichael at the Tour de France.

Chris Carmichael Interview

Interview with Lance Armstrong's trainer.

opts for a strategy of attacking close to the finish line in order to preserve energy. How do you make sure that he is able to profit fully from his attacks by putting enough distance between himself and his competition before crossing the finish line?

My job is to basically make sure Lance is prepared physically to win the tour. His tactical racing plans are basically worked on by his team director Johan Bruyneel.


When developing the training plan for a peak in July, when does Lance start his build-up, and what are some of his milestones?  How do you know when Lance is ready?

He starts his Tour de France preparation in November '02 for the '03 Tour.  I look at specific time periods to develop key parts to his training like, Aerobic foundation, aerobic threshold,

Lactate Threshold, VO2 and finally his anaerobic pathways.


With the absence of Mide Libre, has Lance had enough race experience before the tour?

I think Lance's winning of the
Libere showed he has enough race experience this year and is ready to defend his Tour title.


In order to prepare for the Tour some of Lance's competitors choose to take part in the Tour of Suisse while others opt for the
Libere. Do other riders choice of race affect Lance's race schedule? Do you consider it likely that other teams take Armstrong's race plan into account when they make race plans?

Lance basically looks at what races will help prepare him best for the Tour.  While he has minor goals in his races leading up to the Tour, his only concern is being prepared to win the tour, he is not too concerned with what races other riders are doing, just what will get him ready.


Are you involved in training the other USPS racers as it relates to "team" and its strategy for Lance? I coach George Hincapie also and consult on training for the entire USPS team.

What is your function once the Tour begins?  As I indicated earlier, my job is basically done once the Tour begins.  During the race, I talk or meet with Lance daily and we might discuss the days stage or we might just talk about things not associated with the race.  I'm basically there to offer my support as both his friend and coach.


What are your expectations for this year's Tour?

I would love to see Lance win his 5th.


Thank you for taking the time to talk to I wish you both the best of luck in this year's Tour.


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