Can Lance Armstrong fight back?

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01/8/2013| 1 comment
by Neil Browne
Lance Armstrong - Is he planning his Comeback 3.0? Fotoreporter Sirotti

Can Lance Armstrong fight back?

He's going to have to crawl through a lot of crap before he sees daylight.

head out, the rain will wash away his sins.

Already I’m seeing this potential scenario called Comeback 3.0 by some and I hope it doesn’t happen. The damage Armstrong has done to the cycling sport is huge. Not enough to kill it off, but teams have folded directly because of the Armstrong scandal. My dream scenario is that he admits to doping and disappears from the public. Maybe gets a small place on the side of a Hawaiian volcano and only coming into public view to buy groceries from the local store in town. Reality is another thing and I see after about five very painful years, Armstrong turning this whole disaster around and pushing Livestrong-branded Nikes to the public.

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First, is "disgraced cyclist" a title, it is sure being used like one, maybe this just sets the tone of the article for the bashing that followed.

Next Neil, the government prosecutes, you are the one doing the "persecuting".

Neil, Lance is your own personal "Cash Cow", just about every story you have written for Road Cycling has been about bashing Lance, with him gone you are out of someone to write about and out of business (personally, I look forward to this).