The Armstrong Story - Part I

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07/1/2003| 0 comments
by Ian Melvin

The Armstrong Story - Part I

Part I - The early years.

Europe came soon after at the San Sebastian Classic where he finished last and over twenty-five minutes behind the day's winner.  "It wasn't as if I was just in last place.  They were taking down the podium and everyone had gone home by the time I reached the finish" , reflected Armstrong.  Speaking some years later, JT said, "Before the 1992 Olympics he thought no one could touch him.  It was a sobering experience, part of a maturing process" .  His next race was at the Championship of Zurich where he posted his first real warning shot to the European riders and teams with an impressive second place and soon followed this up with a victory in one of the Italian pre-world championship races, the King of the Mountains title at the Tour de L'Avenir and a stage of the Tour of Galicia in Spain.

Armstrong was in

Europe and showing glimpses that he was ready for it - but was
Europe ready for the Brash Texan?


Stay tuned to for part II of the Armstrong story.


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