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09/18/2008| 0 comments
by Julian Dean
Julian Dean - Team Garmin-Chipotle sprinter.
Julian Dean - Team Garmin-Chipotle sprinter.

Julian Dean Diary

Tour of Britain wrap up.

places I've had. I got impatient.

The final stage turned out pretty good, all things considered. I was 'over' the race after my balls up the day before and never really wanted to race from the time I got out of bed. It was a short, easy, flat stage with some circuits to finish so it was always going to be a sprint. The finish was pretty safe and by the time we came into the final few k's, I had g'eed myself up enough for the sprint.

I had a perfect run off Pettachi and as I came over top of him, I started to get squeezed into the barrier by him. There might have been a time in my youth when I would've taken the gamble and tried to push through but instead I backed off and tried to come around the other side. In doing so, I lost my momentum and speed. I had to settle for another 2nd place. Dammit!

I was so sure that I was going to get over top of him and I'm not sure if he could sense it and closed the gap on purpose. Part of me thinks that that's the way it was. The only thing I know is that I was going faster than he was. This is some consolation to missing out on the win.

The Tour of Britain was not too bad in the end. It's always dangerous racing in the UK with all the cars and limited amount of space on the roads but I've just come to expect that. The worst thing this year were the long transfers we had; a couple of which were around 4 hours after the stage. It certainly wasn't ideal preparation for the Worlds but it was really the only option that I had and I got out of it what I could.

So to wrap up, the form is good and although there were no long stages to test the endurance for Worlds, there was very little else that I could've done better. I will have to do a couple mega-endurance rides over next two weeks and hope that it's enough to get me through the 260km road race in Varese, Italy.

Julian Dean
Team Garmin-Chipotle


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