Tyler Hamilton Sheds Light on Lance Armstrong's 1999 Samples

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05/22/2011| 0 comments
by AP and Roadcycling.com

Tyler Hamilton Sheds Light on Lance Armstrong's 1999 Samples

New revelations from Lance Armstrong's former teammates on "60 Minutes," combined with recent requests by federal authorities for evidence in France, have fed a sense of growing trouble for the world's most famous cyclist.

On Sunday, a website launched by Lance Armstrong's camp to counter the CBS reporting, put out a statement: "In its unpardonable zeal to smear Lance Armstrong, CBS has also attacked the reputation of George Hincapie," it said and added "We are confident that the statements attributed to Hincapie are inaccurate and that the reports of his testimony are unreliable."

Earlier, the website also attacked Hamilton, who has been banned twice for doping despite his long insistence that he never cheated. Hamilton now admits he did use performance enhancing drugs and has given his 2004 Olympic gold medal to the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency.

In a part of the "60 Minutes" interview aired Thursday, Hamilton, who said he testified for six hours to the grand jury, said Armstrong took EPO in the 1999 Tour de France and before the race in 2000 and 2001.

"I saw (EPO) in his refrigerator. ... I saw him inject it more than one time," Hamilton said, "like we all did. Like I did, many, many times."

Hamilton told "60 Minutes": "(Armstrong) took what we all took ... the majority of the peloton," referring to riders in the race. "There was EPO ... testosterone ... a blood transfusion."

Armstrong's camp says Hamilton is changing his tune now because he's trying to sell a new book.

"Tyler Hamilton is a confessed liar in search of a book deal -- and he managed to dupe '60 Minutes,' the 'CBS Evening News,' and new anchor Scott Pelley. Most people, though, will see this for exactly what it is: More washed-up cyclists talking trash for cash."


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