Tour de France Crashes Bring Back Radio Ban Talk

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07/12/2011| 0 comments
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Tour de France Crashes Bring Back Radio Ban Talk

Team managers are hopeful the flood of crashes and incidents that have marred the Tour de France this year will lead cycling's governing body to reconsider its decision to ban radio communication during races.

sport," Vaughters said.

The American former racer, who is also president of the professional teams' organization, said progress is being made in discussions with the UCI about the issue.

"Hopefully, we are going to come to a resolution pretty soon," Vaughters said.

Bruyneel says he would accept a ban on earpieces in smaller races as there are fewer cars and spectators, but Nygaard argues that riders' safety should be paramount in all events.

"The Tour is the most important race in the world," Nygaard said. "But the riders' safety is important at the Giro and at the Grand Prix de Plouay, too. As a team manager, I cannot accept that we downscale riders' safety because of the financial interests of the race." still strongly supports a radio ban in pro cycling for several reasons - not least in the 2012 Tour de France.


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