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by Georges Luechinger. Thomas Valentinsen contributed to this i
Scott Nydam (Team BMC). Photo copyright AbbiOrca.com
Scott Nydam (Team BMC). Photo copyright AbbiOrca.com

Scott Nydam Interview

Two days after suffering what Team BMC Directeur Sportif John Lelangue called the scariest crash he had ever seen, Team BMC's Scott Nydam is determined not to let this setback impact his season negatively.

stay on track for that because it is something I really want to do with this team."

GL: In what ways has your team been supporting you at this difficult time?

SN: "When I woke up in the ambulance and heard John talking, one of my first realizations is that he left the race to come be with me and make sure I was okay.  And then when we arrived at the hospital our team doctor, Scott Major and PR Officer, Georges Lüchinger were already there waiting for me.  So I can't speak enough about the thorough care and concern everyone on the team has shown for me both when I was in the emergency room and since being released.  John was with me the whole time and that is so comforting for a rider to know that not only are people worried and looking out for you, but that they are able to handle these sorts of situations.  The true test of a team comes when something like this happens, and I feel very fortunate.  Gavin Chilcott was able to stay with the guys still racing and they pulled in a top finish on the stage, and I have probably the top medical team in Drs. Heiden, Major and Max Testa looking after me.  Once I was released from hospital, the team got me situated and organized a private hotel room for me and made arrangements for my fiancée, Jennifer, to join me.  I feel very fortunate indeed."


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