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08/22/2008| 0 comments
by Ron Meisel and Rhonda Osborne
Primal Wear Vagabond short.
Primal Wear Vagabond short.

Primal Wear Clothing Review was given the opportunity to test men's and women's clothing from Primal Wear.

on any parts of the bike or its components.

The style is that of a leisure non-cycling short. Therefore they can be worn anywhere before, during, and after a ride.  It is amazing how they feel like an everyday short but are incredibly durable and breathable. You can imagine the difference between walking into a local, small-town watering hole wearing a "normal" short such as the Vagabond as opposed to a skin-tight traditional road short which would normally draw a few stares from the patrons.

This review contains comments not only about the function but about the style of Primal Wear clothing. This is not by accident. Their colors and artwork stand out from the crowd of cycling clothing. One of the foundations of Primal Wear is to create art from the world around us. They do this by using "the finest materials, craftsman, and advanced technology" without taking a shortcut. I believe that Primal Wear truly meets this standard. So go out there and buy yourself a piece of art.

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