Lance Armstrong Responds to Landis' Doping Allegations

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05/20/2010| 0 comments

Lance Armstrong Responds to Landis' Doping Allegations

Lance Armstrong spoke to the press prior to Thursday's Stage 5 at the Amgen Tour of California, responding to doping allegations by Floyd Landis against himself and other riders in the professional peloton.

him at an event in April)" I saw him every day at the Tour of the Gila. Not one word was said. It was ironic because not one word would be said to any of us during the race. We heard stories about him talking to himself. But we would get home and all of a sudden we would have these emails from him at night.  Strange."

(Regarding the timing, to reveal this during the Amgen Tour of California)" I think the timing of the race is obvious. As I mentioned, he didn't get in the race. To be honest, I was surprised that it didn't come up in Sacramento. We were all fully expecting it to come out then. These emails have been out for quite some time. We were fully expecting this then."

(Asked if he will take legal action)" No, my days of legal action are over. Legal action takes time energy and a lot of money. I have sued a few people in my day and have been successful there and proved my innocence. But, I don't need to do that anymore. My energy needs to be devoted to the team, to Livestrong, to my kids. I'm not going to waste time on that."

(Asked if he will cooperate with a Federal Prosecutor if asked to) "Absolutely."

(Regarding the affect on the Tour of California and the Tour de France)" It's definitely news and juicy and salacious, but at the end of the day bike fans are going to see the people talked about here, myself, Levi, Zabriskie, George, Johan, they know the truth."

(Asked if this changes plans for the Tour de France )"Absolutely not. We all know that Floyd won't be in France telling the story."

(Regarding if ASO reacts negatively to the team selection for the Tour de France)" At the end of the day why would they do that? We have a person who has been under oath several times with a completely different version, written a book with a completely different version, someone that took people's  money. He said he has no proof. It is his word verses ours. We like our word. We like where we stand. We like our credibility. I don't think there is a lot of credibility on the other side so why would ASO think any differently. Keep in mind back in the day there was all this talk that Floyd said he had pictures of a refrigerated motorcycle. Where is that? It's all a bunch of bullshit and never existed.

It is very sad. At one point or another, all of us implicated have cared about Floyd, that is one thing that we have shared in common. We might be on different teams, come in different backgrounds or be at different places in our lives but at some point or another we share this bond that we all gave him a ladder at some point in his life when he dug himself a hole. We gave him the ladder to dig out of the Mercury situation. Andy


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