Lance Armstrong Responds to Landis' Doping Allegations

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05/20/2010| 0 comments
by Roadcycling.com

Lance Armstrong Responds to Landis' Doping Allegations

Lance Armstrong spoke to the press prior to Thursday's Stage 5 at the Amgen Tour of California, responding to doping allegations by Floyd Landis against himself and other riders in the professional peloton.

been sent around will come out. The emails to myself will come out. All of the emails to Andrew Messick will come out, to John Burke from Trek. For someone that says he is here to clear his conscience, why are you sending emails to other people's sponsors, other people's partners, to the organizer of a race, to the sponsors of a race? That has nothing to do with your conscience.   Eventually that will all come out.  But, no, absolutely not."

(Asked why he pin-pointed he and Johan)" He didn't. He pin-pointed a lot of people and I mean, let's be honest here. Obviously my name will be at the top of the story and my name will be in the headline. But, it goes from myself to Johan, to Levi, to Zabriskie, to Andy Rihs, to Jim Ochowicz to Michael Barry, to Matthew White, to Steve Johnson, to Pat McQuaid. At the end of the day, he pointed the  finger at everyone still involved in cycling, everyone that is still enjoying the sport, everyone that still believes in the sport and everyone that is still working in the sport was in the cross hairs.

"I'm standing here with you guys because I won the Tour de France seven times. But, you have to keep in mind that the yellow jersey of this race is also in the cross hairs and that is not by accident. Maybe that is a good strategy to get as much attention as possible but if I look at, I can use Allen Lim as an example, someone that I view that has the highest standards and the highest ethics of anybody in this sport, the fact that he is thrown in there speaks volumes to the credibility of this and I think that's, if I walk away with one word to sum this all up - credibility. Floyd lost his credibility a long time ago."

(Asked to comment regarding the details of the emails) "I think if anyone browses the internet or the news groups of anyone's Wikipedia page, that time line is easy to put together. I could have made it even juicier. Some of it is off, obviously the timing and the dates and the people are off again.  If you saw the rest of the emails that we have it speaks volumes to his mental state, and, the time of the day that they were sent it.   I don't need to fill you guys in on people's habits or lifestyles. (But that's what you do indirectly here, right?)

It started a couple of years ago and as texts and I wrote him back after a while. Johan can speak more about what he wanted from the team but after a few of them they got to be so annoying that I wrote him back and said, ‘Floyd leave me alone. Do what you have to do, I'm going to be fine, don't worry about me but you have to stop texting me, annoying me, you have to stop harassing me.'"

(Regarding racing with


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