Experts Support Contador's Claim of Bad Meat

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09/30/2010| 0 comments
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Experts Support Contador's Claim of Bad Meat

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Contador is not the only athlete to blame meat for a positive clenbuterol test. Last week, German table tennis player Dimitrij Ovtcharov used the same defense after testing positive for the drug, saying he ate meat loaded with clenbuterol during a tournament in China.

In Contador's case, "the quantity is the key to judging" whether it was a case of possible doping or consuming the drug by eating meat, said Giuseppe Banfi, a sports biochemistry expert at the University of Milan. "We don't have the proper parameters right now to know if this was illicit use."

He said that if Contador was doping with clenbuterol, authorities likely would have found more than one positive test result to show systemic drug abuse.

"WADA needs to set a detection limit (for clenbuterol), that is fundamental to defining if it is illicit use or an accidental finding," Banfi said.

Clenbuterol remains in the body for more than a day after it is ingested. The drug can be detected via hair and urine analysis.


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