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02/2/2009| 0 comments
by Dave Osborne
Christian Vande Velde. Photo copyright Casey Gibson.
Christian Vande Velde. Photo copyright Casey Gibson.

Christian Vande Velde Interview

Dave Osborne talks with Christian Vande Velde about Christian's 2008 season, life on Team Garmin-Slipstream and the 2009 Tour de France.

I was riding well and climbing well.  I wasn’t really too fatigued after a lot of the stages.  The guys that I expected to be going fast weren’t really going as fast as I really expected and my perceived exertion by the time I got to the finish wasn’t half of what I thought it would be.  And that really changed my outlook of the race. It was a whole process throughout the year starting with the Tour of California throughout the Giro, the Tour de France, and Missouri.  Sitting here today, giving this interview,  I’m a different person than I was a year ago.

DO:  Are you preparing for the 2009 Tour of California now? 

CVV:  Yeah, I am doing my best right now. It was a pretty rough winter in Chicago, but I feel really good right now and I’m working hard.  We are doing a great training camp.  At the same time my wife is very close to giving birth so I might have to skedaddle out of here sooner than later back to Chicago.  It will probably compromise my Tour of California, but for a good reason, that’s for sure.

DO:  I think priorities…

CVV:  That’s definitely a priority.


DO:  You bet. Family is a priority. Can you describe what is your off-season and to what extent you’re on the bike during that period? What are you up to in the off-season?

CVV:  Well October is definitely my off-season.  I get up to Wisconsin.  I’m from the Midwest so I love to be on the water.  Things like that. Just get away from everything cycling.  I try to do everything that I can’t do during the season; whether it be just hanging out with the family or going for a walk or going for a hike.  Things I would never do during the season. Having big dinners and maybe drinking a little bit too much wine. Just having a good time and mostly getting out to see friends and family in the Chicago area.  That’s the reason why we have a place back there.

DO:  Looking back at the career you’ve had, is there any specific moment that stands out above others?

CVV:  Yeah I’ve had a pretty diverse career, that’s for sure. I’ve spent a lot of time being a team pursuiter. A lot of people forget about that. I had a lot of great times and I was part of the Project 96 in the USA, won the world cup overall in ’97,  and had some great moments to be a track rider. And I still reminisce. I still like to follow track racing. I really think about a lot of those guys. But then after that I turned pro and ’99 was a really special year for a lot of us on the US Postal team.  We had a really cool core group of guys. We had a great year that year. I remember a lot of that year. The last two years in CSC were a blast also. Of course this last tour


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