2009 Australian Road Race Championship Results

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01/11/2009| 0 comments
by Thomas Valentinsen

2009 Australian Road Race Championship Results

Peter McDonald is the new national road cycling champion.

January 11, 2009: Ballarat, Victoria, Australia (163 km):
1 Peter McDonald (NSW)      04:10:34
2 Michael Rogers (ACT)            
3 Adam Hansen (QLD)               
4 Cameron Meyer (WA)           0.09
5 Matt Wilson (VIC)            0.20
6 Matthew Lloyd (VIC)             
7 Karl Menzies (TAS)           0.28
8 Simon Clarke (VIC)              
9 Mathew Hayman (ACT)             
10 Christopher Sutton (NSW)    3.30
11 Wesley Sulzberger (TAS)        
12 David Pell (VIC)               
13 William Walker (VIC)           
14 Bernard Sulzberger (TAS)       
15 Darren Lapthorne (VIC)         
16 Rory Sutherland (ACT)          
17 Hilton Clarke (VIC)            
18 Chris Jongewaard (SA)       4.55
19 Cameron Jennings (QLD)         
20 Murray Spink (VIC)             
21 Marc Williams (ACT)            
22 Rhys Pollock (VIC)             
23 Darren Rolfe (QLD)             
24 Richie Porte (TAS)             
25 Cameron Wurf (TAS)             
26 Baden Cooke (VIC)              
27 Jonathon Clarke (VIC)          
28 Evan Olephant (GBR)         6.02
29 Gene Bates (SA)             6.46
30 Dylan Newell (VIC)          7.24
31 Michael England (QLD)       8.08
32 Jacob Sutherland (VIC)         
33 Hayden Brooks (QLD)            
34 Stephen Robb (VIC)             
35 Allan Davis (QLD)              
36 Peter Ladd (VIC)               
37 Troy Glennan (NSW)             
38 Phillip Chapman (NSW)          
39 Cameron Peterson (NSW)      9.15
40 Reece Stephens (VIC)       12.07
41 Scott Kilmartin (QLD)      12.08
42 Shaun Lewis (NSW)              
43 Ben Cureton (WA)           16.03
44 Damien Turner (VIC)        16.48
45 Chris Martin (SA)          18.12
 DNF Richard England (VIC)        
 DNF David Fairburn (VIC)         
 DNF Sean Finning (VIC)           
DNF Kris Johnston (ACT)           
DNF Mark Renshaw (NSW)            
DNF Ben Day (QLD)                 
DNF Scott Davis (QLD)             
DNF Adrian Hedderman (IRE)        
DNF Walter Tate (USA)             
DNF Jason Chalker (ACT)           
DNF Brent Miller (ACT)            
DNF Jeremy Ross (ACT)             
DNF Joel Ryan (ACT)               
DNF Stuart Shaw (ACT)             
DNF Robert Cater (NSW)            
DNF Mark Fenner (NSW)             
DNF Robert Hodgson (NSW)          
DNF Ashley Humbert (NSW)          
DNF Brendan Jones (NSW)           
DNF Kris Koke (NSW)               
DNF Joel Pearson (NSW)            
DNF Cody Stevenson (NSW)          
DNF Luis Trueba (NSW)             
DNF Robert Williams (NSW)         
DNF Trent Wilson (NSW)            
DNF Dean Windsor (NSW)            
DNF Adam Broit (QLD)              
DNF Jonathan Cantwell (QLD)       
DNF Giuseppe Cirella (QLD)        
DNF Jonathan Coulter (QLD)        
DNF Steven George (QLD)           
DNF Gilbert Gutowski (QLD)        
DNF Kristian Hollins (QLD)        
DNF Michael Hosking (QLD)         
DNf Mike Jackson (QLD)            
DNF Liam Mccarthy (QLD)           
DNF Nathan Miller (QLD)           
DNF Matthew Murray (QLD)          
DNF Michael Owen (QLD)            
DNF Jon Houston (SA)              
DNF Chris Stack (SA)              
DNF William Clarke (TAS)          
DNF Peter Aquilina (VIC)          
DNF Ashley Baines (VIC)           
DNF Aaron Batchelor (VIC)         
DNF Donatas Bludzis (VIC)         
DNF Jay Bourke (VIC)              
DNF John Cornish (VIC)            
DNF Jason Costin (VIC)            
DNF Christopher D'amelio (VIC)    
DNF Rob Doyle (VIC)               
DNF Stephen Draper (VIC)          
DNF Hugh Forrest (VIC)            
DNF Charles Howlett (VIC)         
DNF Mark Isaacs (VIC)             
DNF Matthew Jensen (VIC)          
DNF David Kemp (VIC)              
DNF Tom Leaper (VIC)              
DNF Trent Lowe (VIC)              
DNF Craig Mccartney (VIC)         
DNF Nicholas Mitchell (VIC)       
DNf Casey Munro (VIC)             
DNF Tommy Nankervis (VIC)         
DNF Phillip Orr (VIC)             
DNF Stuart Payne (VIC)            
DNF Bradley Pietsch (VIC)         
DNF Nicholas Sanderson (VIC)      
DNF Patrick Shaw (VIC)            
DNF James Steinhauser (VIC)       
DNF Mark Wearmouth (VIC)          
DNF Chris Winn (VIC)              
DNF Stuart Gribble (WA)           
DNF Nathan Jones (WA)             
DNF Neil Manning (WA)             
DNF Erik Meliegers (WA)           
DNF Jason Rigg (WA)               
DNF Kristian House (GBR)          


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