2008 Interbike Briefs - Part 6

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09/26/2008| 0 comments
by Dave Osborne

2008 Interbike Briefs - Part 6

Dave Osborne talks with Nicole from Skirt Sports about skirts and Skirt Sports.

Skirt Sports

DO:  I’m with Nicole, the President of Skirt Sports. That’s hard to say fast. Tell us what Skirt Sports is. There could be all kinds of visions running through people’s minds with that name!

Nicole:  Men, their brains are running as soon as you say the word skirt. Skirt Sports, this is my little baby, I launched it in 2005. My background is as a pro triathlete so I raced professionally about six years and before that I was a national level swimmer. I had this great, fun career, but towards the end of it I was looking for something else. 

I was sponsored by some great clothing companies, but they specialized in the performance side of products. I felt like when I was out there training and racing I was giving up a bit of my personality. It was not coming through my clothing. I found myself in men’s extra small training gear.

I had basically an epiphany run when the idea for Skirt Sports hit. I was out on a winter training run and not feeling particularly inspired and I looked in a store window. We all look in windows and we pretend we’re looking at the clothing in the window but we’re really looking at our reflections. And I just thought I look like a boy and I’m so sick of it. When I tell that story, so many women shake their head and say “I hear ya.” I went home and the word that came to my head was “pretty” and I said I just want to look and feel pretty, not for anyone else, just for me. If I just had a little more excitement in my clothing it might inspire me to get out the door. That is when this whole concept started. It was in December 2003.

I wore a prototype skirt in Ironman Wisconsin and I ended up winning that race in September 2004. I won an Ironman wearing a product that I was getting ready to launch.

DO:  I think you could say your product enhanced your performance.

Nicole:  It worked! Thank you. It’s all about attitude. We have attitude enhancing apparel.

DO:  With the name Skirt Sports I’m thinking, ok, you sell skirts. That’s not the total picture is it?

Nicole:  In the beginning it was. I wanted to make fun, sexy clothing for women. We made three styles of skirts.

DO:  What has that line expanded to now?

Nicole:  We have fifty styles in the following categories: running, cycling, triathlon, and a couple of swim pieces.  Pretty much everything we have in our line has an active crossover, so you can consider us an active lifestyle brand. We have a winter collection for running too.

DO:  So you’re saying somebody can be wearing something on the bike or on the running trail...

Nicole:  And then to the coffee shop, the grocery store, and then to the night club.

DO:  And be stylish all the way! For cycling specific, what is different in the Skirt Sport line?

Nicole:  I think


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